We offering both type of Leathers Solid and Sponge, its use for all PVC Leather products automobiles, furniture, bags, belt, shoes

Pvc Solid Leather : Quality standard used for furniture, golf bag, bag liner, shoes, cap, diary cover etc.

Pvc Sponge Leather : Quality standard used for car seat, furniture, sporting goods, bags, shoes, belts etc.

Pvc Sponge Foam : Quality standard used for belt, wheel of the car, eyeglass bag, diary cover, menu cover, small bags, pencil bags etc.

Premier Car : Quality standard used for car seat and has flame retardant


PVC Solid Leather0.50mm – 4.00mm54”
PVC Sponge Leather0.60mm – 4.00mm54”

Special qualification of PVC leather

1. Width : 54″
2. Thickness : 0.50mm. – 4.00mm.
4. Hand feel : 30 – 110phr.
5. Printing : 2 colours
6. Capacity : 220,000 meters / month
     A wide variety of customized PVC leather possessing the following features;
     6.1 Anti-fogging
     6.2 Flammability
     6.3 Cold resistance (cold crack)
     6.4 Abrasion resistance
     6.5 Non heavy metals products
     6.6 UV resistance
     6.7 Weather resistance
     6.8 Colour fastness to light
     6.9 Stain resistance
     6.10 Anti bacteria & fungi
     6.11 Anti scratch
     6.12 Toluene resistance

Sponge Leather

1. Thickness : 0.60mm. – 4.00mm.
2. Standard width : 54″
3. Handfeel : 30 – 110phr.
4.  Backing Cloth : strength supporting, shaping, weight resistant, good tensile strength. There are many kinds of backing cloth that suitable for each application such as knitting, weaving, non woven. We have several embosses and can match the color as per customer’s requirement i.e. plain color, printing color, pearlize, and fluorescence.
5. Application : automobile seat, furniture, sporting goods, bags, shoes, belts and etc.